Noted scholars Aili Mari Tripp, Myra Marx Ferree, and Christina Ewig, along with their distinguished group of contributors, analyze specific case studies from around the globe, ranging from post conflict security in Croatia to the relationship between state policy and gender based crime in the United States. Shifting the focus of the term “human security” from its defensive emphasis to a more proactive notion of peace, the book ultimately calls for addressing the structural issues that give rise to violence. Since it was first proposed in the 1990s, there has been an endless debate between its proponents and critics, and even among its advocates, over the meaning and utility of the concept.

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When the Indian government blocks websites, it is bound by law to do so in secret. In fact, websites such as Vimeo and GitHub both confirmed in written statements that they received no prior notification that their websites carried any questionable material before the government blocked them from users in the country. 31 saying that the ban had been lifted.

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